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Lumintop Torch Accessories

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  1. Lumintop BLF GT strap

    A strap designed to help you hold the BLF GT. ...
  2. Lumintop BLF GT short battery tube

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    This tube is designed for use with the BLF GT. This only fits one battery carrier instead of two, allowing you to use just 4 batteries to operate the GT. ...
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  3. Lumintop BLF GT lens cover

    An essential accessory when transporting your GT is the lens cover. Protecting the glass from fingerprints and scratches to maintain the optimal beam profile and intensity, the lens cover should never be overlooked. ...
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  4. Lumintop BLF GT bag

    You'll need something to protect to protect your shiny new GT and this is the perfect bag for it. It's completely padded and designed specifically for the GT so you know it'll be a perfect fit. ...
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4 Item(s)