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AceBeam Fenix JETBeam Lithium-Ion Battery

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  1. AceBeam ARC10440NP-32A Unprotected 10440 Li-ion rechargeable battery

    AceBeam ARC10440NP-32A is button top unprotected 3.7V Li-ion 10440 rechargeable battery. It has 320mAh of capacity and compatible with high drain devices and torches.


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  2. JETBeam JL160 rechargeable RCR123A 680mAh Li-ion battery

    The JETBeam JL160 is a rechargeable RCR123A battery that is designed specifically for use in high-drain devices. The Li-Ion battery offers a 680mAh capacity as well as a maximum discharge rate of 3A and lasts over 500 charge - discharge cycles. T ...

  3. AceBeam IMR 16340-10C Button top 550mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

    The AceBeam IMR 16340-10C is a high drain rechargeable Li-ion battery. It has a capacity of 550 mAh and specially designed for high drain devices. It is safe to use and has protection circuits for best performance. Compatible with various devices ...

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3 Item(s)