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Jetbeam Accessories

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  1. JETBeam Red 34mm lens filter

    The high-output white light from your JETBeam flashlight was designed for maximum throw and brightness, but there are times when the bright beam will negatively impact your natural night vision. The JETBeam Red Filter is ideal for when you need to ...

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  2. JETBeam RRT-3 Mount & Handle

    The RRT-3 mount and handle combo offer both a alternative means of carrying the RRT-3 by hand and a quick, easy and convenient means of mounting Jetbeam's most powerful light to your firearm. ...

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  3. JETBeam RM03 RRT-3 Pressure Switch

    The RM03 is an ideal accessory for those who wish to gun mount a Jetbeam RRT-3. Simply plug the unit into the RRT-3's rear input and position the pressure pad on the firearm's stock for the ultimate hunting / tactical solution. ...

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  4. Hitech Illumination Scope Mount

    Due to popular demand we now supply a sturdy anodized aluminium 1 inch - 1 inch scope mount providing a cost effective way to mount 1 inch torches (25.4mm) to scopes with a 1 inch diameter. ...

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  5. JETBeam MG20 silicone grease

    One of the best things you can do for your torch is cleaning and lubricating threads and O-rings from time to time, as it helps reduce friction on the threads along with keeping O-rings from drying and cracking. The silicone grease from JetB ...

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  6. JETBeam GM-02 / RM01 picatinny rail mount - fits 25.4 inch diameter torches

    The JETBeam RM01 is JetBeam's newest professional weapon mount. Designed from the ground up, this mount fits most flashlights with a 1-inch body diameter. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium, the GM-02 has a picatinny rail mounting system design ...

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  7. JETBeam Raptor 2 x Extension Tubes

    The JETBeam Extention Tubes allows you to use different batteries in your RRT01 or RRT03 Raptor. Add 1 extension tube to fit 1 x 18500 battery or add 2 extension tubes to fit 1 x 18650 battery. Comes with 2 ext ...

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  8. JETBeam JL340 rechargeable 18650 3400mAh Li-ion battery

    The JETBeam JL340 is a 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery with a 3400mAh capacity suitable for high performance rechargeable batteries. This battery is rechargeable via a standard external battery charger and lasts over 500 charge - discharge cycle ...

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  9. JETBeam JL160 rechargeable RCR123A 680mAh Li-ion battery

    The JETBeam JL160 is a rechargeable RCR123A battery that is designed specifically for use in high-drain devices. The Li-Ion battery offers a 680mAh capacity as well as a maximum discharge rate of 3A and lasts over 500 charge - discharge cycles. T ...

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9 Item(s)