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Jetbeam Accessories

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  1. JETBeam RM03 RRT-3 Pressure Switch

    The RM03 is an ideal accessory for those who wish to gun mount a Jetbeam RRT-3. Simply plug the unit into the RRT-3's rear input and position the pressure pad on the firearm's stock for the ultimate hunting / tactical solution. ...

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  2. JETBeam MG20 silicone grease

    One of the best things you can do for your torch is cleaning and lubricating threads and O-rings from time to time, as it helps reduce friction on the threads along with keeping O-rings from drying and cracking. The silicone grease from JetB ...

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  3. JETBeam JL160 rechargeable RCR123A 680mAh Li-ion battery

    The JETBeam JL160 is a rechargeable RCR123A battery that is designed specifically for use in high-drain devices. The Li-Ion battery offers a 680mAh capacity as well as a maximum discharge rate of 3A and lasts over 500 charge - discharge cycles. T ...

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3 Item(s)