Klarus P Series professional LED torches

The Klarus Professional series of LED torches are designed for professional use. They are reliable, very affordable, lightweight and waterproof. All P series lights have an easy to use 2 mode interface - high and low.

Name Price
Klarus P1C professional LED torch

54g, 245 Lumens: Solid and affordable, the P1C professional series torch from Klarus has a functional design, and high output. Built for work, and also suitable for leisure activities.

For information about the batteries and chargers, see the individual products in the accessories section. More battery/charger combinations are available buying the items separately. Batteries and chargers are discounted when added as an option here.
Klarus P20 230 lumen High CRI LED Penlight

26g, 230 lumen: A slim, pen-style LED flashlight with high CRI output. Klarus P20 is lightweight and runs on two AAA batteries.Its slim body features a stainless steel pocket clip, making it easy to carry or attach to a clip board or clothing. Its marvellous designed and easy to keep powered up, making it the ideal lighting companion for doctors, mechanics or inspectors.High CRI Nichia 219C LED light