Led Lenser

From architecture to electronics, Germany is know for advanced design and precise engineering. LED Lenser flashlights and headlamps are no exception. Embedded in intuitive torches is patented technology enhancing your experience with clearer, brighter, focusable light. LED Lenser has pushed the boundaries of lighting technology and design for two decades from its headquarters in Solingen, Germany. All LED Lenser products are covered with five year warranty.

Name Price
Led Lenser Force F1 400 lumen CR123A led torch

69g, 400 lumens: 400 lumens from a CR123A! The F1 reaches this record as the first one of its class. But that's just the beginning: F1 has HA III anodising (housing: matte black) with military standard, is waterproof (IPX8), and features electronic control with a temperature sensor, a tail stand, integrated roll protection and an interchangeable glass breaking ring. CR123A battery included.

For information about the batteries and chargers, see the individual products in the accessories section. More battery/charger combinations are available buying the items separately. Batteries and chargers are discounted when added as an option here.
Led Lenser Force F1R 1000 lumen led torch rechargeable kit

120g, 1000 lumens: Looking for a torch which is powerful, compact, hard wearing, lightweight, energy efficient and rechargeable then the Led Lenser F1R is the torch for you. The brand new Led Lenser F1R Force series rechargeable torch weighs in at only 120 grams (including the battery), and at 11.5cm is no longer than your finger. Full rechargeable kit.

Led Lenser H14R.2 1000 lumen rechargeable focusable LED headlamp

340g, 1000 lumens: When you’re at the campsite or on the job, keeping things safe and bright are top priority. The rechargeable H14R.2 is lightweight and it's 1000 lumens will keep your area more than well lit. This headlamp isn’t just brighter, though – a new top shelf LED chip and redesigned reflector lens, the heart of our Advanced Focus System, helps to optimize illumination so your light is clearer than ever before. Rechargeable. Focusing beam. Upgraded 1000 lumen version!

Led Lenser H7R.2 300 lumen rechargeable focusable LED headlamp

165g, 300 lumens: Our H7R.2 rechargeable headlamp helps keep you safe while on the job or in the outdoors. In addition to our Advanced Focus System technology, we’ve added exceptional features like a rear safety light and a battery indicator that make it easy to stay on the go without worrying about your light. Recharging is a breeze; simply use the attached USB port or plug, or pop in 4 regular AAA batteries for less waiting and more time enjoying the activities you love. Rechargeable or AAA batteries.

Led Lenser M17R 850 lumen rechargeable focusable LED torch

780g, 850 lumens: Introducing the new M17R. This heavy-duty torch packs a punch with an impressive 850 lumens. Our new simple switching system allows seamless selection of the light modes. M17R comes with LED LENSER’s unique Advanced Smart Light Technology™ with three light programs and the Advanced Focus System™ for a far-reaching beam or close-up flood lighting. M17R is sturdy, features High Power LED technology and includes two LI-FEPO4 rechargeable batteries to keep you charged and ready to go. Full rechargeable kit in ABS case. Focusing beam.

Led Lenser M7R 400 lumen rechargeable focusable LED torch

200g, 400 lumens: Our M7R features all the bright 400 lumen power of our M7, in a longer running and rechargeable model. With the premium Advanced Focus System™ for near-to-far beam adjustment and Focus Lock™ to keep your place when holstering, this is a tactical light any professional would love to have. This light includes the Floating Charge System™ for recharging on the wall, or on the go with the USB cable. The M7R flashlight is perfect for professionals or civilians who only want the best. Full rechargeable kit in ABS case. Focusing beam.

Led Lenser M7RX 600 lumen rechargeable focusable LED torch

203g, 600 lumens: Our simple stow-and-go rechargeable features make recharging your light as easy as touching the tail switch to the floating charge magnet. Power the system with the convenient wall charger or USB adapter. Our Advanced Focus System™, Advanced Smart Light Technology™, and Rapid Focus™ make this torch one of our most powerful and versatile handheld torches yet.. Full rechargeable kit in ABS case. Focusing beam.

Led Lenser P5R.2 270 lumen rechargeable focusable LED torch

77g, 270 lumens: The P5R.2 rechargeable torch has power and portability in a rechargeable option. The P5R.2 comes with our one-of-a-kind, Floating Charge System™ for wall-mounted or on-the-go charging. Just pop the torch into the magnetic recharging system (no need to mess around with wires or batteries) and store for as long as you like. With an output of up to 270 lumens and the ability to be recharged up to 1000 times, you’ll be ready for anything. Full rechargeable kit in ABS case. Focusing beam.

Led Lenser P7QC selectable multi colour LED torch

175g, 220 lumens: The P7QC covers the needs of a variety of target groups with a total of four colours (red, green, blue and white). It offers the option of selecting colours by simply rotating the mode regulator both in active operation and when switched off. It has application options in road and rail traffic management, military, hunting, emergency response, forensic investigation and lots more. Selectable RGB and white.

Led Lenser X21.2 1600 lumen focusable LED torch

1400g, 1600 lumens: The new X21.2 is truly a spotlight in your hand. It produces a powerful 1600 lumens of lighting power, making it one of Led Lenser's brightest torches. There are seven ultra-bright, high-performance LED chips that make even car headlights seem dull in comparison. The X21.2 offers a broad circular beam as well as a sharply-focused searchlight beam that reaches up to 600 metres. Comes in ABS case. Focusing beam. 4 X D batteries included.

Led Lenser X21R.2 3200 lumen rechargeable focusable LED torch

1300g, 3200 lumens: The new X21R.2 packs a jaw-dropping 3200 lumens on boost and a powerful 200 on low. But it doesn’t stop there. The X21R.2 is also rechargeable, has a 700 metre beam distance, and boasts a run time of up to forty hours. The Advanced Focus System™ means this ultra-powerful light can be directed into a far-reaching spot, or a close-up flood light. With seven LEDs and an efficient heat sink system, the X21R.2 puts most car headlamps to shame. Full rechargeable kit in ABS case. Focusing beam.