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Fenix ALB-10 quick release bike mount Fenix ALB-10 quick release bike mount

This new quick release bike mount from Fenix can securely attach torches from 18mm to 26mm to your bikes handlebars 22mm to 35mm. It allows you to adjust the lights angle horizontally and vertically and has a quick release function.

$34.95 $29.95
Fenix BC20 4XAA LED bike light

125g, 400 Lumens: Fenix BC20 employs four AA batteries to reach 400-lumen max output. Three brightness levels, Daylight and Flashing modes improve cycling safety in tandem with the exclusive Dual Distance Beam System. The quick-release mounting system is convenient and secure. Self-contained and with a remote Turbo pressure switch. Uses four AA batteries.

$94.95 $74.95
Fenix BC21R 880 lumen USB rechargeable LED bike light

67g, 880 Lumens: A versatile rechargeable LED bike light which delivers max 880-lumen neutral white light in a dual distance beam. Four output modes plus a flashing mode for all cycling activities and side red lights for safety. The quick-release bike mount makes it easy to mount or dismount the light. USB Rechargeable. 18650 Battery included. Neutal White LED.

$139.95 $119.95
Fenix BC30 1800 lumen LED bike light Fenix BC30 1800 lumen LED bike light

161g, 1800 lumens: This new bike light from Fenix is super compact and powerful. Powered by two CREE XM-L2 LEDs and two optional 18650 batteries that fit inside the light, the BC30 can output up to 1800 lumens with a beam engineered for biking. Visible battery indicator, quality mount and remote burst mode switch included.

$194.50 $139.95
Fenix BC30R 1600 lumen rechargeable LED bike light

221.1g, 1600 Lumens: The Fenix BC30R USB rechargeable bike light features a digital display screen for confidence in your runtime readings. Compact body with built-in rechargeable batteries and a quick on/off release allows this versatile light to light your trails and streets with outputs reaching as high as 1600 lumens. USB Rechargeable. OLED screen. Neutral white dual distance beam. Handlebar mounted burst button.

$249.95 $219.95
Fenix BT30R 1800 lumen rechargeable LED bike light

154g, 1800 lumens: The Fenix BT30R is a high performing LED Bikelight that will light up your night and provide you with a powerful, reliable light source. Since it is both rugged and durable it can be taken with you on the most extreme bike rides. Visible battery indicator, neutral white beam and remote burst mode switch.

$269.95 $219.95
Fenix BTR20 800 lumen Rechargeable LED Bike Light 1 Fenix BTR20 800 lumen Rechargeable LED Bike Light

The Fenix BTR20 Bike Light builds on the BT platform with even greater output, power supply options and remote Turbo activation. Featuring the Dual Distance Beam system, neutral white output up to 800 lumens and instant turbo activation with remote pressure switch. Battery, charger, bike and helmet mounting included.

$244.95 $199.95
Ferei BL200 1720 lumen bicycle light

1720 Lumens: The Ferei BL200 is a bike light unlike any other. Two deep, oversized orange-peel reflectors channel 1720 lumens of scorching light from two of CREE’s very latest XM-L LEDs. The BL200’s beam is nothing short of a ’wall of light’ and easily illuminates targets at over 200 meters while setting blaze to the foreground. Upgraded version. Battery and charger included.

$299.00 $219.95
JETBeam BR10 GT USB rechargeable 900 lumen LED torch with bike mount

103g, 900 Lumens: Whether you're mounting the BR10 GT onto a bicycle or using it as a stand alone torch, it is truly versatile. The BR10 GT is IPX-6 waterproof and impact resistant up to one meter, so you wont have to worry when your out on a ride and it starts to rain. 18650 battery and USB charge lead included. Bike mount included. BLACK version.

$109.95 $79.95
Klarus B1K quick release bike mount

This new bike mount from Klarus can take torches from 16mm to 48mm in diameter. It has secure clamps and features a split design for quick release. The light can swivel 360 degrees in the mount.

$14.95 $9.95
Klarus BK30 triple head 1280 lumen LED bike light

96g, 1280 Lumens: The BK30 from Klarus provides three heads for flexible and adjustable lighting. The two outer LEDs can be angled up and down and controlled independently from the main LED. A battery level indicator, remote switch and up to 1280 lumens of output ensure your path is clearly lit. Adjustable triple head bike light.

$159.95 $139.95
Klarus Swivel Bike Light Mount for LED torches

The Swivel Bike Light Mount has been made to give you full control over the lighting direction of your torch-mounted bike light - allowing for multi-directional, 360 degree adjustment. Made from high quality rubber, it provides resistance to shock and slippage.

$10.00 $4.95
Xtar BK12 600 lumen rechargeable bike torch kit

118g, 600 Lumens: This purpose built bike torch from Xtar can also be used as a general purpose high powered torch. It comes in a case with battery, charger and handle bar mount. Easy to access rotary control on the tail of the light. Bike light and torch in one!

$149.95 $139.95