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Fenix AET-TK75, TK76 or TK61 Extended Runtime Kit

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This extension tube and battery holder allows you to add more run time to your Fenix TK75, TK76 or TK61. Takes an additional four batteries.

This Housing Extension Kit is designed for new Fenix TK75, TK76 and TK61.

Professionally packaged. Battery Chamber holds 4 x 18650.

Run time is extended with each segment-holder added but brightness levels will not change.

(It is not recommended to use more than 3 segments)

Important Information
NEVER mix old 18650 batteries with new ones as discharge rates may vary.

NEVER mix different brands or capacities.

Li-Ion 18650 batteries of the same brand & capacity once used in a set should then be
kept together at all times.

As they get older from use & recharging the disharge rates & capacity changes therefore
keeping them together as a set ensures they are all remain approx equal.

If you already have a TK75 hence you are purchasing the extension kit
and your current 4 x 18650 cells are relatively new with only a handful of charges
it is perfectly fine to add the extension housing & 4 new cells providing they are exactly the same brand & same capacity.

If your cells have endured many recycles or perhaps old from use in a previous device
we recommend you put all new matching cells into your TK75.

ie. Have a set of 4 batteries for when using the TK75 with no extension & a separate set of 8 batteries that stay together when using with extension housing

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