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Klarus HC5 visor clip 120 lumen motion-sensing rechargeable headlamp


Klarus MGM-3 Metal offset picatinny weapon mount

Klarus CH1X 2-in-1 powerbank and 18650 battery charger

Regular Price: $49.95

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Regular Price: $49.95

Special Price $37.95


Klarus CH1X is multi-functional mini powerbank and a portable charger. It is featuring with USB charging port and 2A output and can charge smartphones, tablets, and any devices. It comes with 1 x 3400 mAh Klarus 18650 battery and a USB cable. It is lightweight and 3 colours options are black, gray, and gold. Available in 3 colours. Mini powerbank and a portable charger

Features & Specifications:

  • Input: DC5V, maximum current 2A
  • Output: DC5V, maximum current 2A
  • Compatibile Battery: 18650 Li-ion battery
  • Charging Time: 2.5 hours
  • Included Accessories:
    • 1 x 18650 3400mAh battery
    • USB cable
  • Product Size (Head Body x Body Diameter x Length): 23mm x 23mm x 94.5mm
  • Weight: 30g (Without Battery)
  1. Finally an 18650 charger that will survive at the bottom of an unorganised backpack. review by Kartoffel on 26/05/2020

    Main advantages over typical 18650 chargers:
    1. No protrusions - viable to chuck into bags or pockets without worrying that a contact point might break (for instance, look at Nitecore F1). Imagine slipping CH1X vs other chargers (if they even fit) into your pants pocket or throwing them into a bag. Which one reassures you more that it will not break? Not trashing the Nitecore, but the Klarus is simply the better option for me who only uses 18650's, meaning the ability to charge other battery sizes is irrelevant.
    2. Metal body with very durable anodisation.
    3. You can get away with using PVC tape to make a tight-fitting seal over the cap and make it splash proof and survive a drop into puddle (please don't take your time retrieving it). Good luck doing that for typical chargers.
    4. Battery is fully secured without relying on parts that are bound to break (e.g. a rubber band being the only thing preventing battery from flying when knocked).
    5. Good input and output rates. I own several lights with built-in charging but I end up using the CH1X all the time because the charging speed is much faster (affected by cable specifications too).

    Room for improvement:
    1. Tolerances. The rectangular plastic section which has the contact points of the USB port is slightly slanted. The LEDs are soldered at a slanted angle too. Nonetheless, neither affects practical use. No cold or sloppy soldering is visible.
    2. The cap is a bit too thin. Increase the minimum thickness.
    3. Waterproofing to IPX8 when not in use (maybe "twist to expose", but please no more rubber flaps).
    4. I wish the voltage reader is accurate up to +/-0.1V instead of the current one.
    5. Can't avoid parasitic drain. Perhaps anodise the threads.
    6. I personally prefer having more threading.
    7. A hexagonal exterior (fillet the edges) instead of circular profile.

  2. going to buy new battery seen this $10 more AWESOME review by Dark on 14/01/2020

    Was going to buy new battery but seen this for $10 more how can you not go wrong in a blackout last night and the light gift was like candles all night charges battery which in turn charged my phone awesome product keep it up Klaus and thank you lite shop

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