Olight i3E EOS 90/120 lumen AAA LED keyring torch

19.4g, 90 Lumens/120 Lumens silver version: The i3E EOS is an extremely compact LED torch with a maximum 90 lumens running off of a single AAA battery (120 lumens from Silver version). The torch features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED and a PMMA TIR lens that focuses the light to reach out up to 44 meters. The versatile i3E fits easily into a pocket or bag, and can be connected to a keychain without adding significant bulk to your keys. Available in many colours (price varies).

Also availabe in raw copper here: Olight i3E-Cu EOS Copper 1xAAA 120 lumen LED torch


  • A6061-T6 aluminum alloy body with anti-scratch Type-II hard anodizing
  • Candela: 500cd
  • Max Brightness: 90lm (120 lumens from Silver version)
  • Throw: 44m
  • Max Run Time: 45min (Alkaline Battery)
  • Max Run Time: 70min (NiMH Battery)
  • Max Run Time Silver version: 35min (Alkaline Battery)
  • Max Run Time Silver version: 60min (NiMH Battery)
  • Weight: 7.9g
  • Length: 60.5mm
  • Diameter: 14mm


  • i3E EOS
  • AAA Alkaline Battery
List price: $19.95
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Simple to operate, well made and very bright for it's tiny size. Best companion for your key-chain.

Solid recommendation.

So I have a Fenix UC01, a Nitecore Tube both rechargeable with click switches.
The Silver ie3 blows them out of the water.
Big difference is this is a "replaceable AAA" and has a twisty head,
as long as your a bit dexterous its great.

Although this torch has cute dimensions its definitely got the brightness to say otherwise! awesome for a set of keys and does the job perfectly for any basic scenario, Definitely worth adding to any future order or just because