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Black Newest Flashlights

We are always looking for the latest and greatest LED torches, LED headlamps and accessories. This page shows you what we have added most recently. These items are stocked in Sydney, and ready to ship to you. Fast, safe shipping anywhere in Australia with online tracking. All products have full manufacturer warranties.
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  1. RovyVon H3 Pro tactical 600 lumen hybrid powered rechargeable LED penlight

    45g, 600 Lumens: The RovyVon H3 Pro is a tactical penlight torch with a max output of 600 lumens and a 120m beam distance. The H3 Pro has a hybrid power supply which means it runs off a built-in 330mAh Li-po battery and is also co ...

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Special Price $69.95

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  2. Manker MK39 Limited Edition 13000 lumen 1050m spotlight and floodlight

    920g, 13,000 Lumens, 275,625cd: The Manker MK39 Limited Edition is a powerful searchlight that offers both a spotlight and floodlight which can be used independently or together. The spotlight consists of 1 x Luminus LED and produ ...

    Regular Price: $499.95

    Special Price $474.95

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  3. JETBeam EC26 compact 3600 lumen EDC torch with stepless dimming

    75g, 3,600 Lumens: The JETBeam EC26 is a compact EDC torch that offers a variety of rich light output modes and stepless dimming. The EC26 uses 4 x CREE XP-L HI LEDs to produce a max output of 3,600 lumens and a 268m beam distance ...

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price $124.95

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  4. Fenix WT25R adjustable 1000 lumen rechargeable work light

    137g, 1,000 Lumens: The Fenix WT25R is a versatile torch with an adjustable head. The head of the torch is 105┬░adjustable so you can get the light in the exact place you need it. The built-in magnet of this light allows you to mo ...

    Regular Price: $134.95

    Special Price $125.95

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  5. Lumintop GT Mini Pro 3500 lumen 480m LED compact thrower

    150g, 3500 Lumens, 57,753cd: The Lumintop GT mini Pro is new GT Series compact thrower. Equipped with XHP50.2 LED and has maximum output of 3500 lumens over 450 metres of throw. Easy one switch operation with ramping user interfac ...

    Regular Price: $129.95

    Special Price $114.95

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  6. Fenix LR40R Dual Spot and Flood 12000 lumen rechargeable searchlight

    500g, 12000 lumens, 101,960 cd : The Fenix LR40R is compact rechargeable dual function high performance LED searchlight. It is powerful and has the flexibility of both spotlight and a floodlight. It runs on included high capacity ...

    Regular Price: $399.95

    Special Price $369.95

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  7. Lumintop Zoom 1 Adjustable focus 850 lumen USB rechargeable LED torch

    130g, 850 Lumens: Lumintop Zoom 1 is multifunctional rechargeable focusing LED torch. Adjustable head allows easy shifiting between spotlight and foodlight mode. It is powered by included 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery. The tor ...

    Regular Price: $89.95

    Special Price $74.95

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  8. Klarus ST15R Night Guardian 1200 lumen rechargeable LED torch

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    106g, 1200 Lumens : The Klarus ST15R Night Guardian is lastest compact rechargeable LED torch. It is equipped with CREE XP-L HD V6 LED with max output up to 1200 lumens and beam distance of 260 metres. It has features like one-tou ...

    Regular Price: $94.95

    Special Price $75.96

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  9. Manker E04 Mini 550 lumen 1x16340 or 1xCR123 LED torch

    63.9g, 550 Lumens : The Manker E04 is mini unique designed LED torch which is equipped with Cree XPL HD LED. It can produce 550 lumens at max beam distance of 30 metres and can be powered by 1 x 16340 battery or 1 x CR123 battery. ...

    Regular Price: $84.95

    Special Price $64.95

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  10. Fenix PD35 V2 compact EDC 1000 lumen LED torch

    88g, 1000 lumens: The Fenix PD35 V2 EDC torch has been updated with new features, better outputs, longer throws, and improved run times. It is equipped with CREE XP-L HI V3 and can produce 1000 lumen with the beam distance of 250 ...

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price $109.95

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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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