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Rechargeable Bike Lights

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  1. Fenix BC21R 880 lumen USB rechargeable LED bike light

    67g, 880 Lumens: A versatile rechargeable LED bike light which delivers max 880-lumen neutral white light in a dual distance beam. Four output modes plus a flashing mode for all cycling activities and side red lights for safety. T ...

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price $119.95

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  2. Fenix BT30R 1800 lumen rechargeable LED bike light

    154g, 1800 lumens: The Fenix BT30R is a high performing LED Bikelight that will light up your night and provide you with a powerful, reliable light source. Since it is both rugged and durable it can be taken with you on the most e ...

    Regular Price: $269.95

    Special Price $219.95

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  3. Fenix BTR20 800 lumen Rechargeable LED Bike Light

    The Fenix BTR20 Bike Light builds on the BT platform with even greater output, power supply options and remote Turbo activation. Featuring the Dual Distance Beam system, neutral white output up to 800 lumens and instant turbo activation with remot ...

    Regular Price: $244.95

    Special Price $199.95

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  4. Fenix BC30R 1600 lumen rechargeable LED bike light

    221.1g, 1600 lumens: The Fenix BC30R USB rechargeable bike light features a digital display screen for confidence in your runtime readings. Compact body with built-in rechargeable batteries and a quick on/off release allow this versatile light to lig ...

    Regular Price: $249.95

    Special Price $219.95

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  5. Lumintop C01 rechargeable LED bicycle headlight

    87.5g, 400 lumens: Lumintop's C01 Bicycle light is an extremely versatile tool. With a multifaceted reflector, you can rest assured that everything ahead will be evenly illuminated. A 360-degree mount along with the ABS plastic construction ensures t ...
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  6. Klarus TL1 USB rechargeable bike tail light

    35g, 100 lumens: The Klarus TL1 has multiple modes in addition to the standard brightness levels, which will allow you to safely cycle at night. The TL1 also comes with a adjustable 60 degree mount for an easy install. ...

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $19.95

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  7. Fenix BC25R 600 lumens rechargeable LED bike light

    155g, 600 lumens: The Fenix BC25R is the latest in Fenix's line of high performance, compact bike lights. Outfitted with a neutral white CREE XP-G3 LED, the BC25R can reach up to 600 Lumens with adjustable li ...

    Regular Price: $104.95

    Special Price $94.95

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  8. Nitecore BR35 1800 lumen dual distance beam rechargeable LED bike lght

    234.5g, 1800 lumen: The Nitecore BR35 is latest high performance recharegeable bike light. It is portable has equipped with CREE XM-L2 U2 LED and has max output of 1800 lumen. The Nitecore BR35 has built-in li-ion battery pack wit ...

    Regular Price: $249.95

    Special Price $214.95

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  9. Imalent BG10 2300 lumen smart rechargeable LED bike light

    111g, 2300 lumens: The Imalent BG10 "The Firefly" is a magnetic rechargeable  bicycle light. Its OLED display shows present output levels such as brightness, capacity, and runtime. It has a far-wider beam. This new ...

    Regular Price: $89.95

    Special Price $74.95

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  10. Fenix BC05R USB rechargeable bicycle taillight

    19g, 10 lumens : The Fenix BC05R is multifunctional rechargeable bicycle taillight. It is powered by a built-in battery and capable of emitting a red light up to 200 metres away. It comes with type USB C-charging cable, bicycl ...

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $29.95

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10 Item(s)