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Rechargeable Torches

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  1. Imalent DT35 8500 lumen 1000m long throw USB rechargeable LED torch

    425g, 8500 lumens : The Imalent DT35 is latest USB rechargeable multi-level output LED torch. It is powered by included 4 x 18650 Li-ion battery and equipped with CREE XHP35 HI LED and has max output of 8500 lumens with beam di ...

    Regular Price: $349.95

    Special Price $319.95

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  2. Klarus XT2CR Urban Camo 1600 lumen compact tactical rechargeable LED torch

    88.5g, 1600 lumens: The Klarus XT2CR Urban Camo is compact tactical torch from Klarus. Small size, USB rechargeable and super bright. It also has two user modes, tactical and outdoor. Ideal for Police, Security, Self defence or ge ...

    Regular Price: $149.95

    Special Price $114.95

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  3. Klarus G10 1800 lumen compact rechargeable LED torch

    80.2g, 1800 lumen: The Klarus G10 is a compact, high output LED flashlight that produces an astonishing 1800 Lumens. All of the bright power is packed into a shockingly small frame that measures under 5 inches in length with a ...

    Regular Price: $119.95

    Special Price $99.95

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  4. Nitecore MH23 1800 lumen rechargeable pocket LED search light

    96g, 1800 lumen: Nitecore MH23 a palm-sized spotlight it produces an incredible 1800 Lumens of bright white LED light. Utilizing a CREE XHP35 HD LED and has five total brightness outputs and three special modes make this versati ...

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price $184.95

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  5. Nitecore Concept1 1800 lumen compact EDC torch

    61.9g, 1800 lumens: The Nitecore Concept1 the first release in the new Concept Series. Featuring a premium CREE XHP35 HD E2 LED for a super bright 1800 lumens max output, the C1 is easily the top of its size class. Operating on 1x ...

    Regular Price: $189.95

    Special Price $169.95

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  6. Nitecore TM10K 10000 lumen Tiny monster rechargeable LED torch

    246.5g, 10000 lumen: The Nitecore TM10K is compact Tiny Monster rechargeable LED torch. It is equipped with 6 x CREE XHP35 HD LED and can produce upto 10000 lumens with 288 metres max beam distance. It is powerred by built-in I ...

    Regular Price: $554.95

    Special Price $519.95

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  7. Klarus XT11GT Urban Camo 2000 lumen rechargeable tactical LED torch

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    115g, 2000 lumens: Klarus XT11GT Urban Camo is latest tactical torch from Klarus. The GT version has the CREE XHP35 HD E4LED delivering 2000 lumens and a range of 316m and is also smaller than its predecessors. Two buttons on the ...

    Regular Price: $174.95

    Special Price $144.95

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  8. Nitecore Concept 2 6500 lumen rechargeable torch

    348g, 6500 lumen: The Nitecore Concept 2 LED flashlight is a hand-held search light with a superior output and an impressive beam throw. This palm-sized LED flashlight measures just 4.42 inches long yet can deliver a brilliant 65 ...

    Regular Price: $379.95

    Special Price $354.95

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  9. AceBeam D20 palm size dive LED torch

    128g, 2700 lumens. The AceBeam D20 brings a powerful 2700 Lumen burst along with compact portability to your deep diving gear. Capable of being submerged up to 200 Meters, the Acebeam D20 is the perfect light ...

    Regular Price: $213.00

    Special Price $184.95

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9 Item(s)