Rugged custom-designed tactical grade holsters for your LED torch. Fast shipping with online tracking in Australia.

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ESP LHU-04 37mm Tactical Torch Holster

The ESP LHU-04 37mm is a tactical torch holster that enables you to easily access your torch using just one hand. Since the torch is drawn sideways out of the holster, the holster does not tilt towards your body, making it convenient and easy to use when wearing a vest. Rotatable for hands free use. Coupled with a suitable torch (we recommend the amazing Klarus XT12), this is ideal for Police or Security. Made in the E.U.

JETBeam large holster

JETBeam's large holster is suitable for flashlights such as the RRT-2, RRT21 and Jet 3M.

JETBeam RRT-3 Holster

A custom-designed tactical grade holster for the RRT-3.

JETBeam small holster

Jetbeam's small holster is suitable for flashlights such as the RRT-0, E3S, BC10 and BA10.

Klarus XT11 nylon holster for many single 18650 torches

This nylon holster from Klarus was designed for the Klarus XT11 torch. The elastic and nylon construction make it suitable for securely attaching many different torches. It features a D-ring attachment, velcro belt loop attachment and a secure sewn-in belt loop. If you are not sure if this holster will fit your single 18650 torch contact us.

Maglite D-Cell 50mm Torch Belt Holder Ring

This quality accessory allows you to easily and securely hang a suitable sized torch from a belt. Leather belt loop with nylon torch ring. Holds torches with head larger than 50mm and body smaller than 50mm.