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About liteshop.com.au

We love LED lights, torches and flashlights.

If you look around this website at the recent customer comments to the right, and at the videos and reviews that we find and add, you will see that we are passionate about LED torches AND customer service.

Formed in 2011, liteshop.com.au is a small team based in Sydney, Australia - we run the website ourselves, we do the shipping ourselves, and we genuinely care about our customers.


We only want to bring you top quality products, and we stand behind everything we sell. We also use many of the products ourselves.

We are Authorised Australian retailers of all products we stock, and offer the best price, service and after sales support that we can. If we don't have the product ready to ship, we don't offer it on our website.

All products are in stock in Sydney and are shipped at a simple flat rate anywhere in Australia via Australia Post. An online tracking link is emailed for every order.

We believe in quality and customer service - you won't be disappointed.

All prices include GST. A tax invoice is supplied with your order. ABN 54 405 504 401


Sunwayman Warranty Policy

1. Free repair/replacement within 15days after receipt
Within 15days after receipt and under normal use, any quality problem with your SUNWAYMAN flashlight, you can either send the light to repair or a new one of the same type with same specifications will be replaced; if the same model has been discontinued or not able to be replaced timely due to other reasons, another model with same or better performance will be replaced instead;

2. 24 months' free repair
Within 24months after receipt and under normal use, any quality problem with your SUNWAYMAN flashlight, you can send it to repair for free;

3. Lifetime limited maintenance
SUNWAYMAN provides you with lifetime limited maintenance for your flashlight, after the 24 months' free repair period, any problems with your flashlight, SUNWAYMAN can repair and maintain it, repairing fee will be charged on an actual material cost basis, no labor cost charged;

4. You will provide your SUNWAYMAN Warranty Card, purchasing invoice or any documents from on-line dealers and contact your dealer directly for warranty service, and SUNWAYMAN will provide dealers with service support;

5. SUNWAYMAN recommends that you go to www.sunwayman.com Customer Service column to register the one and only serial number on your flashlight head, after successful registration, you will be able to get another 6 months' free repair period at no cost, and your flashlight will enjoy in all 30 months' free warranty service.


JETBeam Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy

1) 14 days free replacement: Jetbeam authorises its distributors and their resellers / retailers to repair or replace a light within 14 days of purchase if it ceases to operate or malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect. The product will be replaced with the identical or l (in the case the original product has been discontinued) equivalent model.

2) 18 months free repair: Jetbeam offers complimentary repair of products that develop problems within 18 months of purchase as a result of normal use. The repair covers both parts and labour. To qualify for the repair service customers must present either their original warranty card and original purchase receipt / proof of sale.

3) Limited Lifetime Warranty. After 18 months from the date of purchase Jetbeam will continue to warrant their products in form of free labour on repairs. Jetbeam will only charge its customers for the cost of parts required to repair the product. The limited warranty expires 120 months from the date of purchase.

4) Customers qualify for Jetbeam's warranty service by providing their warranty card number and/or a valid purchase invoice / receipt from an AUTHORISED Jetbeam agent (distributor, dealer, retailer, resller or e-shop). Jetbeam's agents are responsible for warranty service in their respective region and Jetbeam will provide support to to assist in expediting repairs. If for any reason an agent is not available to a Jetbeam end user the product may be returned to Jetbeam directly.

5) Man-made failure or damage: Even in the cause of user error and damage cause by usage outside of the acceptable parameters, Jetbeam will continue to warrant their products. If the product is within the warranty period and has an accompanying warranty card and purchase receipt, Jetbeam will repair the item and only charge for replacement materials / parts,without any additional labor charges. Customers will are responsible for shipping costs to and from the Jetbeam repair facility.

Circumstances in which warranty may be nullified:

1) The Jetbeam flashlight or accessory was not purchased through an authorised distributor, reseller, retailer and e-shop.
2) The Jetbeam flashlight or accessory has been modified or altered by personnel other the Jetbeam or its agents.
3) Failure or damage caused by drops, unauthorized modification or reconstruction.
2) Failure or damage caused by wrong or improper use, storage, maintenance or operation of Jetbeam products without following the instructions.
3) Flashlight damage caused by battery leakage.
4) A valid warranty card and sales receipt cannot be presented.
5) Failure or damage caused by components or part which are not manufactured by Jetbeam.


Klarus Warranty Policy

Klarus guarantees this flashlight against defects in material and workmanship. At the discretion of Klarus, flashlight products that are found to be defective under normal use within 2 years of the proof of purchase date will be repaired or replaced without charge. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, unreasonable use or product alteration. Failure to follow the general maintenance directions could result in damage to your illumination tool that may not be covered by the Klarus warranty.

If this flashlight should prove defective, the product will be repaired or replaced, under the above terms. Please contact Klarus or your authorized Klarus retailer for warranty return instructions.


Nitecore Warranty Policy

NiteCore® flashlights enjoy a worldwide warranty service. Within 14 days of purchase, any defective lights will be offered free replacement (proof of purchase required) by NITECORE® distributors unconditionally; Within 18 months of receipt, NiteCore® offers a free repair service, except for damages caused by misuse. As to claims exceeding 18 months, NITECORE® will continue to warrant the product with the cost of parts to be borne by the customer. Customers may contact their local distributor or NITECORE® directly for warranty repair queries. Please note warranty is voided by the following:

1. Damage caused by disassembly or modification without permission
2. Damage caused to the appearance of the product by misuse or accidental occurrence (such as drops or impacts)
3. Damage caused by incorrect battery insertion (reverse polarity) or battery leakage


Ferei Warranty Policy

1) Any Ferei product that malfunctions or ceases to operate within 14
days of purchase under normal usage conditions may be returned to
Ferei or any one of its authorised agents for
exchange of the same or equivalent product.

2) All Ferei flashlights, bicycle lights, diving lights and headlamps
are warranted against manufacturing defects and/or malfunction for a
period of 3 years from the date of purchase.

3) The warranty period for perishables and accessories (glass lenses,
O-rings, rubber switches, batteries etc.) is 8 months from the date of
purchase and the warranty period for Ferei
AC adaptors or chargers is 12 months.
4) Should any warranty issues arise be sure to contact either the
Ferei service centre directly, or your local distributor / retailer.
Under no circumstances attempt self-repair.

5) Should any Ferei product become defective outside of the warranty
period, customers may still have their products repaired at a mutually
agreed cost.

Ferei’s warranty policy is rendered null and void by the following

1) The 14 day replacement or 3 year repair period has expired.
2) The product is deemed to have malfunctioned as a result of misuse.

3) The product is deemed to have malfunctioned as a result of
unauthorised modification or disassembly.

4) The product is deemed to have malfunctioned due to incorrect
maintenance and/or storage.

5) A valid sales receipt, invoice or warranty is not presented.

6) The product is counterfeit.

7) The product ceases to operate due to damage caused by impacts
and/or dropping.

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