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Fenix E Series

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  1. Fenix E25 Ultimate Edition 1000 lumen 2XAA or 2 X 14500 LED torch

    87g, 1000 Lumens: This Ultimate Edition of the Fenix E25 supports standard AA batteries with a maximum output of 350 lumens. It can also run on 2 X 14500 Li-ion batteries with a maximum output of 1000 lumens. Dual side switches pr ...

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Special Price $79.95

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  2. Fenix E35 Ultimate Edition 1000 lumen compact LED torch 2016 version

    72g, 1000 Lumens: Smaller than the PD35 and UC40 but with a full 1000 lumens from an 18650 battery or 2 CR123As. Two side switches for full control of the five modes, strobe and SOS. Super compact 1000 lumen torch.


    Regular Price: $94.95

    Special Price $74.95

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  3. Fenix E12 130 lumen compact AA LED torch

    28.5g, 130 lumens: The Fenix E12 turns small size into go-anywhere, functional lighting. A single AA battery kicks out 130 lumens with 22 hours runtime on low and 88m reach. Tail tap switching controls all functions of this 90mm long light. ...

    Regular Price: $54.50

    Special Price $44.95

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  4. Fenix E05 85 lumen AAA led torch 2014 edition

    12.5g, 85 lumens: Weighing only 12.5 grams and measuring less than 67mm long, the E05 2014 may be small, but don’t let the size fool you. It boasts a unique broad beam lens which delivers a maximum 85-lumen up-close flood light ...

    Regular Price: $44.50

    Special Price $31.95

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  5. Fenix E01 13 lumen mini everyday carry LED torch

    14g, 13 lumen: The Fenix E01, a perfect portable mini LED flashlight, with negligible volume and weight, can be put into your purse, pocket or simply be fastened onto your keychain. It could serve you as your reliable and amazing ...

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $19.95

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  6. Fenix E16 700 lumen EDC high performance LED torch

    22g, 700 lumen: The Fenix E16 is compact new EDC torch equipped with Neutral White CREE XP-L HI and can produce upto 700 lumens. It is powered by 1 x 16340 battery. It has incredible performance with a comfortable design and dura ...

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Special Price $69.95

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  7. Fenix E18R portable 750 lumen magnetic rechargeable LED torch

    33.3g, 740 Lumens :The Fenix E18R is latest compact LED torch. It can produce maximum of 750 lumens with maximum beam distance of 136m. It is powered by single 16340 Li-ion battery. The Fenix E18R has USB magnetic recharging fuct ...

    Regular Price: $129.95

    Special Price $89.95

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  8. Fenix E30R Compact 1600 lumen rechargeable EDC torch

    51g, 1600 lumens : The Fenix E30R is a compact rechargeable EDC torch. It has a solid design with a powerful output. The torch runs on an included 3500 mAh Li-ion and can be charged via USB magnetic charging cable. It can be your ...

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price $124.95

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  9. Fenix E20 Lightweight 265 lumen 2xAA LED torch

    94g, 265 lumens: Fenix E20 is upgraded model and powered by two AA batteries. The E20 has beam distnace of 210 metres. Reverse tail switch, for one-hand operation, realizes four brightness levels selection.

    Regular Price: $74.95

    Special Price $59.95

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9 Item(s)