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Klarus Mini Series LED torches

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  1. Klarus Mi7 700 lumen AA or 14500 XP-L HI LED torch

    26.4g, 700 lumens: This tiny torch from Klarus features the latest CREE XP-L HI LED. It can use a rechargeable 14500 Li-ion battery and generate up to 700 lumens or a standard AA battery with up to 330 lumens. The stainless steel ...

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  2. Klarus Mi1C 600 lumen super compact copper EDC LED torch

    56g, 600 lumens: It’s equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED and delivers a maximum output of 600 lumens and a max beam distance of 40 meters. The torch fades-on and fades-off so that your eyes easily adjust to the differe ...

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  3. Klarus Mi1C 395 lumen high CRI mini LED torch

    26g, 395 lumens: The Klarus Mi1C high CRI torch is the great EDC light and now features a new LED bulb that delivers a high color rending index that simulates natural lighting. It means that the flashlight's output is able t ...

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  4. Klarus Mi2 Tiny 40 lumen USB rechargeable keychain light

    9g, 40 lumen: The Klarus Mi2 is small-sized rechargeable LED key chain light. It is tiny and lightweight, can be handy for everyday use. The light takes approximately 30 minutes to charge with included fast charging USB. It has fe ...

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4 Item(s)