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Remote Pressure Switch

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  1. Olight RM23 Remote Pressure Switch for M23 and M3XS-UT torches

    This is the remote switch for Olight's most recent gun lights. Replace the tailcap with this accessory to make activating the light easy when mounted to a weapon. Fits M23 and M3XS-UT torches.


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  2. Klarus TRS1 dual button remote switch for XT11S, XT11GT, XT12GT, XT30R, XT32, XT12S, XT2CR

    This switch replaces the standard tail cap on the XT11S with a cableĀ and a dual switch pressure pad that can be attached to a weapon to create the ultimate tactical lighting tool. The TRS1 gives you fast access to the multiple lighting modes, as wel ...

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  3. Klarus TR10 multi-output remote switch

    The Klarus TR10 Remote Pressure Switch is a dual-button, multi-mode pressure switch which has been specifically designed to be used with the Klarus XT11, XT12, XT20 and XT30 torches to gain full control over the output modes and instant access to ...

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  4. Nitecore RSW1 Remote Pressure Switch

    The RSW1 Pressure switch is the latest pressure switch to come from Nitecore. It also has a second button switch on the side of the tail-end screw cap for permanent on/off setting for hand held use. Fits MT2C, MT25, MT26, MT40, MH2C, MH25, MH40, P25, ...

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  5. Klarus TR11 Remote Pressure Switch for XT1A, XT1C & XT2A (Old Versions Only)

    The TR11 remote pressure switch has been created for the Klarus XT series flashlights to make them more multi-purpose. The TR11 will fit the XT1C, XT1A and XT2A models to create a compact gun light for military use, hunting and air soft.