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  1. Fenix CL30R 650 lumen rechargeable camping lantern

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    412g, 650 Lumens: This versatile lantern not only features a Micro USB port to recharging, but it is the first Fenix lantern that serves as an independent charging station for other devices. The powerful CL30R delivers a maximum o ...

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  2. Manker MK36 Ultra-compact 12000 lumen rechargeable LED search light

    266g, 12000 Lumens, 22000cd : The Manker MK36 is compact high intensity 12000 lumens rechargeable LED searchlight. Powered by 3 x high drain 18650 batteries with maximum beam output of 12000 lumens. MK36 features USB Type-C rech ...

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  3. AceBeam K30 GT Compact 5500 lumen 1024m throw LED searchlight

    336g, 5500 lumens, 262,144 cd: The AceBeam K30 - GT is a new compact powerful torch equipped with LUMINUS SBT-90-GEN2 LED and can produce up to 5500 Lumens with 1024 metres of ...

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  4. Weltool M3 "Iron Arm" 329 lumen work light

    350g, 329 Lumens: The Weltool M3 "Iron Arm" is a user-friendly designed work light for maintenance and production environments. The base features a built-in magnet so it can be attached onto steel surfaces for hands-fre ...

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    Special Price $174.95

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  5. Manker MK34 II super compact 26000 lumen powerful LED searchlight

    462g, 25,000 Lumens: The Manker MK34 II is a compact yet super powerful searchlight with a max output of 25,000 lumens. It is only 11cm long which makes it easy to hold in one hand but has an incredible output for its size. There ...

    Regular Price: $389.95

    Special Price $364.95

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  6. Manker MK37 compact 5800 lumen 1450m white or green output LED torch

    441g, 5,800 Lumens: The Manker MK37 is a powerful spot searchlight with two LED options. It is available with a LUMINUS SBT90 GEN2 LED which has a max output of 5,800 lumens and 935 metre beam distance or you can ...

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    Special Price $249.95

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  7. Manker Crown digital zoom 5000 lumen 900m spot and flood LED torch

    542.3g, 5,000 Lumens: The Manker Crown is the world's first digitally zoomable torch and produces an impressive max output of 5,000 lumens and 900m beam distance. The integrated digital zoom module means the beam of light can be e ...

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    Special Price $714.95

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7 Item(s)