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  1. Klarus G30 Compact 2450 lumen LED torch

    280g, 2450 Lumens: This compact torch from Klarus uses three 18650 batteries and the massive CREE MT-G2 LED to output a maximum of 2450 lumens. It features a tail switch and a side switch for control and has four modes plus strobe ...

    Regular Price: $144.95

    Special Price $124.95

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  2. Olight SR Mini Intimidator II 3200 lumen USB rechargeable compact LED torch

    181g, 3200 Lumens, 18,000cd: This compact USB rechargeable super torch outputs a 3200 lumen broad beam for wide illumination. It features a low battery indicator, micro-USB charging port and an aggressive stainless steel strike be ...

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  3. ThruNite TN32 UT XP-L HI 1043m lumen extreme thrower

    653g, 1150 Lumens, 272,000cd: Designed for torchaholics, the TN32 UT is the latest super long range light from ThruNite. It features the new American CREE XPL-HI emitter and a large smooth reflector to project a beam up to 1043 me ...

    Regular Price: $299.95

    Special Price $249.95

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  4. Olight SR52UT Intimidator XP-L HI 800m rechargeable long range LED torch

    3 Review(s)

    405g, 1100 Lumens, 160,000cd: The SR52 Ultra Throw Intimidator (SR52UT) is developed from the previous SR52 platform. The SR52UT features the latest Cree XP-L HI LED that has a maximum output of 1100 lumens and reaches a maximum b ...

    Regular Price: $224.95

    Special Price $159.95

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  5. Thrunite TN35 2750 lumen MT-G2 LED search light

    453g, 2750 Lumens, 66,950cd: The first torch we have seen featuring the massive MT-G2 LED from CREE. A single LED producing 2750 lumens! Combining advantages from the TN30 and TN31, the TN35 offers a balance between flood and thro ...

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price $234.95

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  6. Xtar D35 2800 lumen LED diving torch rechargeable kit

    870g, 2800 lumens, 78,000cd: This professional dive light is rated to depths of 100m. With huge output, a magnetic control ring, and massive beam distance, the Xtar D35 is in a class of it's own. Three modes plus a user definable ...

    Regular Price: $589.95

    Special Price $549.95

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  7. AceBeam K40S XP-L HI 1500 lumen 1030m LED torch

    1 Review(s)

    700.8g, 1500 Lumens, 265,000cd: This compact thrower from AceBeam uses the CREE XPL-HI LED and three 18650 batteries to generate a 1500 lumen beam out to 1030m. A tactical tail switch and magnetic ring allow easy access to six bri ...

    Regular Price: $221.10

    Special Price $168.95

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  8. Manker MK34 super compact 8000 lumen LED torch

    1 Review(s)

    278g, 8000 Lumens: The Manker MK34 is an awesome little light that really packs a punch. With the CREE XP-G3 version clocking in at 8000 lumens, this torch is a powerful palm sized flood light. The MK34 will only work with some 18 ...

    Regular Price: $249.95

    Special Price $219.95

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  9. Klarus G35 compact 1km 2000 lumen XHP35 HI LED search light

    1 Review(s)

    371g, 2000 Lumens, 252,506cd: Klarus have joined the ultra-long range club with the CREE XHP35 HI powered G35 led search light. It is smaller than it's competitors, features side AND tail switches and a battery level indicato ...

    Regular Price: $169.95

    Special Price $149.95

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9 Item(s)