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Coloured Output Torch

Coloured, Ultraviolet and Infrared LEDs
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  1. Nitecore MH27 'Tactical Blaze' rechargeable multi colour tactical LED torch

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    170g, 1000 Lumens, 53,500cd: Wow, this torch has a lot going for it. USB rechargeable and 1000 lumens of long range (462m) light from the CREE XP-L HI V3 LED. Red, green and blue secondary outputs and multiple special modes includ ...

    Regular Price: $204.95

    Special Price $189.95

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  2. Olight Obulb MC compact 75 lumen multi-coloured magnetic lantern

    58g, 75 Lumens: The Olight Obulb MC is a multi-purpose bulb light and an upgraded version of the previous Obulb. The Obulb MC now features 7 different colours which are available across 8 different lighting modes. The Obulb MC is ...

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price $43.95

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  3. Fenix TK41C 1000 lumen 8XAA Tri-colour LED torch

    280g, 1000 Lumens: Using eight AA batteries and the CREE XM-L2 LED, the TK41C can output 1000 lumens with a max beam distance of 480m. It features two buttons for easy control, has four modes, strobe, secondary Red and Blue LEDS a ...

    Regular Price: $169.95

    Special Price $158.95

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  4. Weltool M6-RD compact 2.4 lumen red light AAA powered penlight

    51g, 2.4 Lumens: The Weltool M6-RD adopts a red light LED which is designed for professionals who use short-distance red lighting. The red light is ideal for maintaining night vision and can be used for viewing maps at night, insp ...

    Regular Price: $54.95

    Special Price $44.95

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  5. JETBeam JET-1M compact 1200 lumen white, red & green tactical torch

    125.8g, 1,200 Lumens: The JETBeam JET-1M Guardian is a compact tactical torch that offers white, red and green output from its 4 LEDS. With the 2 x white LEDs the JET-1M produces a max output of 1,200 lumens and a 115m beam distan ...

    Regular Price: $134.95

    Special Price $128.95

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  6. Weltool M7-RD professional 148 lumen red light LED torch

    123.5g, 148 Lumens: The Weltool M7-RD is a professional red light that is perfect for maintaining night vision and a range of other uses. It uses a high efficiency red light X-LED to produce a max output of 148 lumens and 27m beam ...

    Regular Price: $124.95

    Special Price $114.95

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  7. Brinyte T18 zoomable 650 lumen hunting torch with multicoloured LED options

    266g, 650 Lumens: The Brinyte T18 Artemis is a zoomable long range torch that allows you to adjust any brightness you need from 2-100%. The adjustable beam means you can change the output from a wide floodlight to a tight spo ...

    Regular Price: $274.95

    Special Price $249.95

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  8. Olight Freyr Orange 1750 lumen multi-coloured white & RGB rechargeable tactical torch

    202g, 1750 Lumens: The Freyr is Olight's first multi-coloured light and features a powerful white light plus red, green and blue lights. It is now available with a striking Orange finish which is sure to stand out. The white light ...

    Regular Price: $214.95

    Special Price $203.95

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  9. AceBeam L19 Camo long range 2200 lumen 1520m white or green thrower

    196g, 2,200 Lumens, 577,600cd: The AceBeam L19 is a long range torch that can throw a max beam of 1,520 metres in is now available in unique camo finishes. The L19 is available with a white or green LED. The White LED has a max ou ...

    Regular Price: $249.95

    Special Price $229.95

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  10. Nitecore NU07 LE multicolour rechargeable signal light

    35.5g, 15 Lumens: The Nitecore NU07 LE is a rechargeable signal light that gives you 5 colours of output. There are 11 different modes with each colour being available as constant on or flashing plus a red/blue police warning flas ...

    Regular Price: $64.95

    Special Price $54.95

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