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Weltool torches, headlamps and accessories


Weltool flashlights is founded on the principle of Safety and Dependability. As a new player in the illumination market, Weltool strives to bring dependable, safe, and long lasting lighting tools to all.

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  1. Weltool W3Pro White Laser 505 lumen 1.2km throw LEP torch

    171.1g, 505 Lumens, 363,375cd: The Weltool W3Pro "Featherless Arrow" is new upgraded intense hotspot white laser-focused beam LEP torch. It is equipped with special LEP module (wavelength 400-700nm) and runs on a single included 2 ...

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  2. Weltool W4 White Laser 560 lumen 2.6km throw LEP torch

    333.3g, 560 Lumens, 1,782,000cd: The Weltool W4 "Dragon in Cloud" is high intense hotspot white laser-focused beam LEP torch. Powered by included single 5000mAh battery, which can be charged via USB Type-C cable. W4 deli ...

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  3. Weltool M2-CF professional grade 1800 mW UV detection torch

    80.5g, 1800 mW: The Weltool M2-CF "Purple Beard" is a professional grade UV detection torch with a focused high radiation beam. It uses high efficiency pure 365nm UV-A LED and a high reflection reflector of aluminium al ...

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  4. Weltool M3 "Iron Arm" 329 lumen work light

    350g, 329 Lumens: The Weltool M3 "Iron Arm" is a user-friendly designed work light for maintenance and production environments. The base features a built-in magnet so it can be attached onto steel surfaces for hands-fre ...

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4 Item(s)