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Bike Torch Mount

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  1. Klarus B1K quick release bike mount

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    This new bike mount from Klarus can take torches from 16mm to 48mm in diameter. It has secure clamps and features a split design for quick release. The light can swivel 360 degrees in the mount. ...

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  2. Fenix ALB-10 quick release bike mount

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    This new quick release bike mount from Fenix can securely attach torches from 18mm to 26mm to your bikes handlebars 22mm to 35mm. It allows you to adjust the lights angle horizontally and vertically and has a quick release function. Description Uti ...

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $29.95

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  3. Olight FB-1 bike mount

    The Olight FB-1 bike mount allows any Olight flashlight with a diameter of 10-35mm to attach on bicycle handlebars. Instruction: Attach to the bottom side to of handlebars and the flashlight on top using the included thick silicone s ...
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  4. Nitecore BM02 bike mount

    The Nitecore BM02 is bike mount suitable for fitting a wide range of LED torches to bikes handlebars. It can accommodate torches up to a diameter of 1 inch/ 25.4 mm.

    Fits the following Nitecore models: EA1, EA2, MT1A, MT2A, MT1C, MT2C, MT2 ...

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    Special Price $10.95

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  5. Ansmann universal torch holder

    The Ansmann universal holder is for easy mounting on tent poles, camera tripods or fishing rod tripods. Special plastic with low weight and high breaking strength. Even at high loads, the material ensures that the thread for the locking screw does ...

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price $37.95

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5 Item(s)