Jetbeam Accessories

Batteries, chargers, holsters, extenders, handles, gun mounts, scope mounts, remote pressure switches and other accessories for your JETBeam LED torch. Fast and secure shipping in Australia.

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Hitech Illumination Scope Mount
Hitech Illumination Scope Mount

Due to popular demand we now supply a sturdy anodized aluminium 1 inch - 1 inch scope mount providing a cost effective way to mount 1 inch torches (25.4mm) to scopes with a 1 inch diameter.

JETBeam 2600mAh 18650 JL260 protection circuit
JETBeam 2600mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion Battery JL260

This is the latest safe and high-performance 18650 battery with capacity of 2600mAh from JETBeam. As a large-capacity, high-performance battery the JL260 is specially designed for high-performance portable devices.

JETBeam GM02 Picatinny Gun Mount

The JETBeam GM02 mount will enable the mounting of any flashlight with a 1" body to a Weaver or Picatinny rail.

JETBeam K2 Titanium Tactical Pen

The K2 is a tactical pen designed with safety in mind. A built-in crenelated bezel is located on the end of the pen and can be used to protect oneself or as an emergency glass breaker. The K2 is compatible with Fisher pen refills and is constructed from CNC milled titanium and is resistant to corrosion, lightweight and easy to hold. If you are looking for a small inconspicuous self defense tool, the JETBeam K2 is the perfect pen for you.

JETBeam large holster

JETBeam's large holster is suitable for flashlights such as the RRT-2, RRT21 and Jet 3M.

JETBeam M2S/RRT-15 body extender tactical version
JETBeam M2S/RRT-15 body extender

This JETbeam body extender is compatible with the M2S and all-new RRT15. It allows the use of either 4 x CR123 lithium batteries or 2 x Jetbeam 18650 Li-ion (rechargeable) cells.

JETBeam red lens filter image 1
JETBeam red lens filter

The high-output white light from your JETBeam flashlight was designed for maximum throw and brightness, but there are times when the bright beam will negatively impact your natural night vision. The JETBeam Red Filter is ideal for when you need to keep your vision adjusted to night conditions and avoid spooking game.

JETBeam RM03 RRT-3 Pressure Switch
JETBeam RM03 RRT-3 Pressure Switch

The RM03 is an ideal accessory for those who wish to gun mount a Jetbeam RRT-3. Simply plug the unit into the RRT-3's rear input and position the pressure pad on the firearm's stock for the ultimate hunting / tactical solution.

JETBeam RRT-3 Holster

A custom-designed tactical grade holster for the RRT-3.

JETBeam RRT-3 Mount & Handle

The RRT-3 mount and handle combo offer both a alternative means of carrying the RRT-3 by hand and a quick, easy and convenient means of mounting Jetbeam's most powerful light to your firearm.

JETBeam small holster

Jetbeam's small holster is suitable for flashlights such as the RRT-0, E3S, BC10 and BA10.

JETBeam TTS01 Advanced Pressure Switch

The JETBeam TTS01 advanced pressure/tape switch replaces the standard tailcap on the JETBeam M2S, M1X, RRT-1, RRT-2, RRT21, RRT15, JET-III M, BC25, PC25 and BC40 flashlights.

Klarus red diffuser cone

The Red Diffuser Cone fits torches with a 23-24mm head, like the Klarus XT1C, XT1A, XT2A flashlights, and some JETbeams. It's ideal to use for retaining natural night vision and as a beacon to attract attention.

Klarus Swivel Bike Light Mount for LED torches

The Swivel Bike Light Mount has been made to give you full control over the lighting direction of your torch-mounted bike light - allowing for multi-directional, 360 degree adjustment. Made from high quality rubber, it provides resistance to shock and slippage.

Klarus white diffuser cone

The White Diffuser Cone fits torches with a 23-24mm head, like the Klarus XT1C, XT1A and XT2A flashlights, and some JETBeams. It's ideal to use for illuminating a room or tent as it diffuses the flashlight's beam to provide 360 degree illumination.

Variable Scope Mount

A high density plastic scope mount / clamp is a versatile solution for gun mounting flashlights with larger diameter heads or mounting onto scopes with a larger than 1 inch diameter.