Klarus Mini Series LED torches

The Mini series from Klarus are ideal key ring lights. Surprisingly, these tiny LED torches are still full featured, with the latest high-efficiency and high-output CREE LEDs, multiple output modes, and strobe.

Name Price
Klarus Mi1C 600 lumen super compact EDC LED torch

27g, 600 lumens: It’s equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED and delivers a maximum output of 600 lumens and a max beam distance of 40 meters. The torch fades-on and fades-off so that your eyes easily adjust to the difference in brightness. It’s easy to operate with the single side switch that also features a lock out function so your torch won’t accidentally turn ON in your pocket or bag. Micro-USB charging 16340 battery included!

Klarus Mi1C Ti | Cu 600 lumen super compact EDC LED torch

33.2g, 600 lumens: Thumb-sized illuminator, the Mi1C Ti | Cu is capable of 600 lumens, with intelligent temperature and battery management. Up to 9 days of runtime with either a CR123A or the included Micro-USB rechargeable 16340 battery. Titanium Version in stock - Copper coming....

Klarus Mi7 700 lumen AA or 14500 XP-L HI LED torch

26.4g, 700 lumens: This tiny torch from Klarus features the latest CREE XP-L HI LED. It can use a rechargeable 14500 Li-ion battery and generate up to 700 lumens or a standard AA battery with up to 330 lumens. The stainless steel side switch provides access to three brightness settings, strobe and SOS. Tiny 700 lumen torch. Available in three colours.

Klarus Mini One Ti 130 lumen rechargeable LED keyring torch

16g, 130 lumens: The Klarus Mini One Ti is a very durable and reliable professional grade 130 lumens mini titanium rechargeable keychain torch. It offers a user friendly interface, you can switch between levels and power the light on or off by simply twisting the head switch. Your keychain light takes only 45 minutes to recharge with a hidden Micro-USB port. 10180 lithium-ion battery included!

Klarus MiX6 Ti (Titanium) LED Torch is small
Klarus MiX6 Ti (Titanium) LED Torch

12g, 100 Lumens: Strong, lightweight and powerful AAA torch. Made from Titanium alloy, the MiX6 Ti is lightweight and tough. It features a precision machined brushed Titanium body, integrated lanyard loop and a twist-to-operate head, with 3 modes and a strobe function. Surprising output for a tiny light. Upgraded XP-G2 100 lumen version.

Klarus MiX7 Ti Titanium AA LED torch
Klarus MiX7 Ti Titanium AA LED torch

32g, 180 Lumens: This titanium alloy torch from Klarus is one of the smallest and lightest AA torches to feature a side switch for maximum control of the three output modes and strobe. Great for EDC or as a gift. Compact and durable with side switch.

For information about the batteries and chargers, see the individual products in the accessories section. More battery/charger combinations are available buying the items separately. Batteries and chargers are discounted when added as an option here.