LED Lanterns

LED lanterns for camping, backyard relaxing, power outages and other situations where reliable battery powered area lighting is required..

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Fenix CL05 'Liplight' EDC emergency lamp

12.8g, 8 Lumens: This multi-functional little light from Fenix has a tri-coloured LED as is designed for lighting, positioning and SOS. It is also small and durable enough to always carry. AAA powered EDC emergency lamp. Available in Purple and Blue.

Fenix CL09 200 lumen ultra-portable LED camping lantern

31.5g 200 Lumens: An ultra-portable LED camping lantern from Fenix featuring 360 degree neutral white light plus red and green modes. It comes with a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery but can also be powered by a standard CR123A or 16340 battery. Attach with tail magnet, D-ring or hanging loop. Full rechargeable kit. Two colours available.

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Fenix CL20 2XAA or 1XCR123A LED camping lantern

103.2g, 165 Lumens: The CL20 camping lantern supports AA batteries and CR123A batteries. The neutral white LEDs along with the multifaceted globe provide 165-lumen anti-glare light for gear organisation and other night time camping tasks. With built-in hanging loop and magnet for easy attachment, the additional red light equipped CL20 is a versatile companion. AA or CR123A battery support. 2 X AA batteries included.

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Fenix CL25R 350 lumen rechargeable LED lantern

130g, 350 Lumens: This awesome new lantern from Fenix is the best we have seen. Micro-USB rechargeable, magnetic base, tripod mount and hanging loop for easy positioning. A solid weather proof construction complete this awesome light. Red and white light. 18650 battery and USB charge lead included.

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Fenix CL30R 650 lumen rechargeable camping lantern

412g, 650 Lumens: This versatile lantern not only features a Micro USB port to recharging, but it is the first Fenix lantern that serves as an independent charging station for other devices. The powerful CL30R delivers a maximum output of 650 lumens, which illuminates an area 35 meters in diameter. Powered by one, two or three 18650 rechargeable batteries, this lantern offers five brightness levels, Turbo and Flash. 3 X 18650 batteries included.

Klarus FL1A white, red, green and UV LED torch

24.6g, 65 Lumens: This tiny single AA torch from Klarus provides diffused White light, Red light, Green light, Ultra Violet light, flashing Red/Green mode, Strobe, and finally SOS. Side switch with memory mode for control. Multifunctional AA torch.

Klarus RS20 1050 lumen rechargeable multi-purpose LED torch and lantern

190g, 1050 Lumens: This new rechargeable light from Klarus is unique with both a high power long throwing torch beam AND a secondary diffused multi colour light on the side. Includes Li-ion battery and magnetically attached USB charge lead. Multi purpose. Red, green, blue or white side light.

Nitecore LA10 135 lumen 1 X AA LED camping light

42.7g, 135 Lumens: The Nitecore LA10 is an ultra-portable camping or area light with an innovative extendable diffuser and magnetic tail. It runs on one AA battery and has three output modes and a beacon mode. Beam diameter is 10m. Tiny LED lantern.