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26650 Battery

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  1. Olight R40 and S80 replacement 26650 3.7V 4000mAh Li-ion Battery

    This replacement battery can be used as a spare or replacement power source for the Olight R40 Seeker LED rechargeable torch or the Olight S80 Baton. Please note that this battery can only be re-charged when positioned inside of one of these torches. ...

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  2. Fenix ARB-L4-4800 4800mAh 26650 Li-ion rechargeable battery

    The ARB-L4-4800 is a high-capacity 26650 Li-ion rechargeable battery specially designed for high-drain devices. With outstanding performance, excellent reliability, and compact design, it is the best match for your high-drain 26650 devices. Feature ...

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  3. Klarus 26650 5000mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery

    Klarus 26650 Lithium Ion Battery is a high performance battery designed for high drain electronics like torches, this powerful cell delivers 3.7 Volts of potent power and can hold a sizeable charge of 5000 mAh. The 26650 is as ...

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3 Item(s)