Fenix ALB-10 quick release bike mount

Fenix ALB-10 quick release bike mount
Fenix ALB-10 quick release bike mount on white
Fenix ALB-10 quick release bike mount design
Fenix ALB-10 features
Fenix ALB-10 operation
Fenix ALB-10 compatability
Fenix ALB-10 horizontal adjustment
Fenix ALB-10 rubber mats
Fenix ALB-10 weather resistance

This new quick release bike mount from Fenix can securely attach torches from 18mm to 26mm to your bikes handlebars 22mm to 35mm. It allows you to adjust the lights angle horizontally and vertically and has a quick release function.


Utilising the unique split-type design for quick release, the Fenix ALB-10 bike mount can effectively reduce the torch mounting steps and shorten the time for mounting. Featuring the solidity and wide compatibility of a Fenix bike mount, it will ensure your safety during your night riding.  


  • Split-type design for quick release
  • Fits torches with diameter of 18mm - 26mm
  • Fits handlebars 22mm - 35mm
  • Rotating 30 degree design adjusts to any locking angle
  • High-quality rubber mat provides shock-resistant and slip-resistant grip without scratching the handlebar
  • Anti-aging, solid and able to withstand extended exposure to sunlight and rain 
List price: $34.95
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So firstly Adam from Liteshop has offered great service, so kudos there.
In regards to the product I first went cheap and bought the Klarus B1K quick release bike mount that they offer for about $10 and it didn't do down so well as it was poorly designed and made out of hard plastic which meant it that it broke on my second ride as I tried to tighten it enough to prevent my torch from falling out.
I then upgraded to the Fenix ALB-10 quick release bike mount and I couldn't be happier. I haven't used it too many times yet (about 5) but you can tell it is a solid product from the get-go.
The mechanism that clamps the torch to the other piece that is attached to the bike is made out of a flexible rubber, rather than hard plastic as in the Klarus, which means there is no fear of it breaking anytime soon and your torch feels like it is safe at all times – I use this on-road most of the time but think it would stand-up alright off road too (within reason).
The clamp mechanism is also a bit smaller than the Klarus’ so you can actually use the clip off feature and stick it in your bag without too much hassle.
Long story short: don’t try and go any cheaper than this as you are about to put your fancy torch into it while racing down the road – I think this will keep that baby pretty safe for a while.