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Cool White Super torches

Some of the biggest and brightest high end torches available. Quick shipping from Sydney.
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  1. Nitecore TM16GT 3600 lumen 1003m LED search light

    1 Review(s)

    521g, 3600 Lumens, 252,000cd: Nitecore have taken the TM16 and installed the latest CREE XP-L HI LEDs which results in much greater beam distance and intensity. With four American CREE LEDs, four 18650 batteries and large reflecto ...

    Regular Price: $499.95

    Special Price $419.95

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  2. Nitecore TM26GT Tiny Monster long range rechargeable LED torch

    442g, 3500 Lumens, 124,000cd: Buyers of the original TM26 had one request - more beam distance! This latest version of the famous TM26 uses 4 American CREE XP-L HI (high intensity) LEDs to produce an unprecedented 700m+ beam dista ...

    Regular Price: $679.95

    Special Price $539.95

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  3. ThruNite TN32 UT XP-L HI 1043m lumen extreme thrower

    653g, 1150 Lumens, 272,000cd: Designed for torchaholics, the TN32 UT is the latest super long range light from ThruNite. It features the new American CREE XPL-HI emitter and a large smooth reflector to project a beam up to 1043 me ...

    Regular Price: $299.95

    Special Price $249.95

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  4. Nitecore EA81 8XAA 2150 lumen CREE XHP50 LED search light

    282g, 2150 Lumens: The EA81 from Nitecore uses eight standard or rechargeable AA batteries to power the new CREE XHP50 quad die LED producing an amazing 2150 lumens on turbo mode with a range of 462m. Two side switches provide eas ...

    Regular Price: $259.95

    Special Price $199.95

    Out of stock
  5. ThruNite TN36 10000 lumen compact LED flood light

    2 Review(s)

    427g, 10000 Lumens: The ThruNite TN36 2017 is upgraded version of TN36-UT. It is compact light from ThruNite uses three CREE XPH70 LEDs. It runs on 18650 Li-ion batteries and has output up to 10000 lumens. Intelligent temperature ...

    Regular Price: $464.95

    Special Price $429.95

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  6. Fenix LD75C 4200 lumen Multi-Color LED torch

    430g, 4200 Lumens: Extreme outputs, compact size plus multi-colour LEDs. Four colour outputs and seven white outputs. The LD75C puts 4200-lumen output with 490-meter throw inside a package less than 16cm long and can be stowed eas ...

    Regular Price: $389.95

    Special Price $349.95

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  7. Klarus RS80 rechargeable 3450 lumen portable spotlight

    900g, 3450 Lumens: A sleek, heavy-duty light, the Klarus RS80 rechargeable is a specialist in producing a long range beam of up to 800 meters and has an even more impressive output of 3450 ANSI lumens. Surprising enough it is incr ...

    Regular Price: $564.95

    Special Price $364.95

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  8. Thrunite TN35 2750 lumen MT-G2 LED search light

    453g, 2750 Lumens, 66,950cd: The first torch we have seen featuring the massive MT-G2 LED from CREE. A single LED producing 2750 lumens! Combining advantages from the TN30 and TN31, the TN35 offers a balance between flood and thro ...

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price $234.95

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  9. Nitecore TM06S Tiny Monster 4000 lumen compact LED torch

    266g, 4000 Lumens: Nitecore have brought back the 'Tiny' in Tiny Monster with this one. A compact design with four XM-L2 U3 LEDs and four 18650 batteries results in the smallest 4000 lumen torch available.


    Regular Price: $429.95

    Special Price $284.95

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  10. Lumintop BLF GT Giga thrower 2000+ lumen 2.5km LED search light

    1800g, 2000 lumens, 1,290,000cd: This light outputs over 2000 lumens from a Cree XHP-35 High Intensity in Neutral White 4000k with a reflector that is huge to collect the light and propagate over 2000m of throw. Some people have ...

    Starting at $374.95
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