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AceBeam W30 2.4km ultra-throw LEP torch

Regular Price: $449.95

Special Price $419.95

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Regular Price: $449.95

Special Price $419.95


248g, 500 lumens, 1,450,000cd: The AceBeam W30 is the second LEP torch we have seen and wow. It has 500 lumen output with a beam throw of up to 2408m. It is powered by 5100mAh battery and has a runtime of over one hour at maximum output.  Choices of colour temperature LEP emitter. Compact 2.4km spotlight!

NOTE: Please check the colour temperature, before choosing LEP option. NEUTRAL WHITE has more yellowish tint than that of normal 4000K LED torches.


  • Max 500 lumens brightness output
  • Max beam distance up to 2408 meters
  • Peak beam intensity 1,450,000 candela
  • Powered by 1 x 21700 Micro-USB rechargeable Li-ion battery (ACEBEAM IMR21700NP-510A/USB), 1 x 18650 Li-ion battery compatibility
  • Full-width 1.8 degrees divergence angle
  • Size: 199.1mm (length) x 61.0mm(head dia) x 25.4(tube dia) x30.0mm(tail dia)
  • Weight: 248g without battery
  • Convex lens and Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Also a diving lamp with depth under water 100 meters
  • Highly integrated stainless steel tail switch for all easy operation
  • The standard tripod socket compatibility
  • Low battery voltage indicator tells battery voltage status any time any where
  • Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance and long run time
  • Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body structure with premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Special design for border, public security, prisons, electricity, airports, terminals, troops, factories and mines, diving and a variety of field lighting and signal use
  • Package Includes;
    • 1 x AceBeam W30 Flashlight
    • 1 x AceBeam IMR 21700NP-510A USB Rechargeable Battery
    • 1 x Red Filter
    • 1 x Two-way Micro USB/USB cable
    • 1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor
    • Removable clip, O-rings
    • Lanyard, User Manual, Battery Warning Card

WARNING: DO NOT look into the beam or point into any person or animals eyes. Keep out of reach of Children.

LED Colour Tints available:

  • Cool White (6500K)
  • Neutral White (4000K)
  • High CRI (High Colour Rendition Index for accurate colours)
  1. Best thrower in it's class. review by Lumin_can on 3/07/2020

    For those who want overkill, this is the torch for you.

    When I first used this torch, I was immediately impressed by the super-condensed hot spot with almost no spill to speak off. When I took this torch down to the range where I do my comparisons the first thing I noted was how unusable the beam would be for anything but collecting and bragging rights however I am sure that someone out there has a legitimate use for this as it could come in handy with certain jobs such as search and rescue but then again that very tight hot spot would limit this use. Either way this light is one of the most impressive ones in my collection due to its impeccable build quality, insane range and compactness. On the topic of weight and size this torch is crazily portable for a torch with this much power. Compared to something like the Thrunite TN42 which has been by my go to thrower even since I received way back in 2017 it is tiny and weighs very little. Overall, I am very impressed with this light and would highly recommend it for anyone who is interest in torch collection or just wants one of the best compact throwers out there.

  2. What an amazing torch and what a throw! review by Littlesuperfly on 23/02/2020

    I was looking for something with a good throw. This was a little extreme, however thought it would be a good torch for just shear distance and spotting from afar. Also a good signalling torch if ever needed.
    More of a feat of amazing technology then anything. But impressive none the less. Unfortunately for spotting you cannot use it on animals or people as it would have the tendency to blind them as the beam is intensely bright, and even though it is only 500 lumens, the beam is unbelievably focused and bright. With 1,450,000 candlea you will find it hard to find something close to match.
    One thing I was surprised at, when opening the package, I was expecting to get a red filter with it, however the one you get is a white diffused one. Not a bad thing, as the white diffuser turns the focused beam into a diffused array of light. Sort of turns it into a normal torch. Somewhat useful if needed.
    Even though this torch is very specific to its uses, it is well make, durable and 100 metres waterproof. The rear switch is easy to use and battery has a USB built-in for easy charging once removed from the torch, you can even use the supplied piggyback USB cable to charge another USB device if needed.
    Also for the throw on it, it is quite a compact torch considering.

  3. Throws far, zero spill. Awesome beam! review by Greg71 on 18/02/2020

    Wanted a long distance thrower and this was the best choice for me. Its small enough to fit in a pocket (just) or belt carry in a holster (thanks Liteshop for providing one free of charge), and throws really well.

    The beam is like a pencil and literally has no spill at all. You cannot see anything outside of the spot hundreds of metres away. Very focused beam. 300 - 400 metres away and the spot is about 8 - 10 feet diameter.

    I grabbed one before they disappear from the market (happening in U.S. some places according to forums) and am glad i did. Everyone that sees it in action is blown away. No exageration.

    The day I got it, it was 2pm and I could see the spot on a tree trunk 50 metres away. That's what 1.5 million candella does.

    Get one. Great fun.

  4. Throws far but not wide. review by Greg 71 on 14/02/2020

    Great unique torch but very specific in what it does, throwing a small beam a long way.
    Sweetspot distance I find is around 400m where the thrown spot is about 8 feet diameter and bright.
    You cannot see anything outside of that spot though as there is zero spill.
    Physically a really nice tactical look, with tail-button operation, anti-roll thingy and the bashing thing around the lense.
    I like to go out with my V6 and if i spot something, use the W30 to zoom in. Great torch all round and fun toy.

  5. exellent for hunting review by utelesss on 21/10/2019

    it has very good range . works well attached to rifle does spook the targets a bit due to the brightness . far better than anything else I have seen . it is not suitable as a general torch to bright without much spread and needs to be uses with care due to the risk of eye damage . the most common questions when people see it in the field is how much does it cost and where do I get one from . I also have a k75 that has excellent range and is a better all rounder for general use

  6. I finely have a light saber! review by Eli on 9/07/2019

    It's definitely not a useful torch... but WOW it can throw a beam with one of the nicest feels in the hand of any that I own just a quality bit of kit. Not cheap but a must have for any lumen addicted collector.

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