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Xtar WP2s

Xtar WP2s Li-ion battery charger 2 channel and powerbank

Like all Xtar chargers the WP2s does a great job charging your batteries with algorithm based TC/CC/CV charging. It can charge a large range of Li-ion cells with three selectable charging currents. It can recover some dead cells and can also function as a USB power bank at up to 2.1A.


100-240VAC (World Voltage) / 12VDC input independent channel 2 cell lithium ion battery charger with sliding contacts to charge a variety of battery sizes.

The charger can also be used as a portable charger with USB power output @ 5V up to 2.1A.

Features & Benefits

  • Two cell charger with independent channels to charge one or two 3.6V/3.7V lithium ion cells in sizes 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, 18700.
  • Three selectable charging currents: 250mA (±30mA), 500mA (±50mA) or 1000mA (±80mA) with automatic charge termination when charge is complete.
  • Charge reactivation if cell voltage drops below 3.9V when cells are left in the charger to keep ready for use.
  • Over discharged cell recovery (cell voltage <2.0V). NB: Percentage of cell recovery dependent on cell health.
  • LED status indicators.
  • Intelligent design with open/close front cover and excellent heat dissipation.
  • Algorithm based TC/CC/CV charging system with reverse polarity, short circuit and overcharge protection.
    • CV cut-off voltage: 4.2V ±0.05V
    • CC cut-off current @0.25A: 250±30mA
    • CC cut-off current @0.5A: 500±50mA
    • CC cut-off current @1.0A: 1000±80mA
    • TC of 0.25A/0.5A: ≤60mA
    • TC of 1.0A: ≤100mA


  • When used as a powerbank:
    • Output: USB 5V up to 2.1A
    • Overdischarge protection (cut-off at 2.8V ±0.15V)

NB: Batteries <2600mAh capacity are not suitable for use as the source of power when the WP2s is used as a powerbank. When using the powerbank for equipment requiring up to 1.0A current, 1x18650/18700 cell (≥2600mAh) is sufficient. When using the powerbank for equipment requiring up to 2.1A current, 2x18650/18700 cells (≥2600mAh) is required. Do not use for equipment requiring greater than 2.1A current.

Package Includes

  • WP2s Charger
  • SAA, MEPS approved 100-240VAC input plug
  • 12VDC cigarette lighter car input plug
  • Manual


This charger does a good CC/CV charging and with 3 current settings it can handle a wide variety of cell sizes. ----- http://lygte-info.dk
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